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Artist Zaria Forman

Soft Pastel on Paper

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Hi guys, i don’t usually like to ask for help but now i really need yours. Around 2 weeks ago i got a dog, the baby you see here. One morning, my dad was driving to work, and he had to drive thorough a very isolated place, on a hill, with no houses around. Long story short, he saw at the side of the street a puppy, completely wet and cold from the snow, skinny and scared. He is about 3 or 4 months old and could never get there on his own, that’s when my dad realized that some asshole left him there on purpose, prolly to make him die. Of course my dad could have never leave that precious baby there, and when i came back home that night i found in my garage this little creature crying, that only wanted to be cuddled, you could really see how he wanted to feel safe. That night he was too dirty to sleep indoors, and i couldn’t wash him yet, so i slept on the garage floor with him. In the next days i started noticing how he didn’t “like” to move his head too much, many times he kind of cried when we petted him, and he just wasn’t as energetic as a puppy should be, he didn’t do things such as jumping too much or so. But i believed it was because he just got in a completely new ambient, with new people. I thought he just wasn’t that confident yet. I of course went to the veterinarian and she didn’t even notice, she told me he was healthy, he just needed to gain some weight. I asked her if the fact the he kept his head lowed down, and that sometimes looked suffering while petted, was normal, and she said that it was probably because he was new to the family and still scared, she also kind of made fun of me, for worrying too much. 
I tried to cool down, went back home and tried to convince myself that it was all normal. But in the next days things didn’t seem to get better, but got worst. As he gained confidence he also gained the force to show us his suffering. I choose to bring him to another veterinarian, and this time he noticed that something was actually wrong and he told me that he had to keep him in the clinic until the next day since he had to submit him to some tests. And the day after, he told me he had the intervertebral disc disease. Probably the other vet didn’t even consider it because it’s more common in older dogs. But here comes the problem guys and here’s where you can really make the difference between life and death of my little boy. The surgical operation cost is more than 3000$. I don’t have a job, and i don’t have this amount of money, my parents don’t even take consideration to spend so much for a dog that we have from less than two weeks. The only other choice is the euthanasia. Please, i don’t want this to happen. I feel completely harmless faced with this situation. I don’t know what to do so i thought about you. 

I saw posts where for many reasons people where asking for help going around tumblr, many times i tried to help for what i could, that’s why i hope you guys will do the same, if you can’t give anything, please reblog anyway, hopefully someone else will see it, and maybe help.

Click here, to help me and my baby
Believe me when i say that anything will help, please spread around.

Thank you, always love you

$1970 this is amazing aaaah, we are almost there, almost there!!

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The most intense movie scene ever.


The most intense movie scene ever.

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wait you mean you don’t use the word ‘fortnight’ in america???

Wait what? Then what do they use?

they don’t have a word

what do you mean they don’t have a word what kind of uncivilised people are they??

the fuck is a fortnight

It’s a word for ‘two weeks’

We say “two weeks”

*thousands of cups of tea smash to the ground in shock*



ima hit the vince mcmahon power walk at my own wedding


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